Earthquake Alert: New York City Jolted by 4.8 Magnitude Tremor

On Friday, April 5, at around 7:50 pm IST (10:20 ET), a 4.8 magnitude Earthquake on Richter Scale hit the northeastern United States, causing tremors in major cities from New York to Boston.


The source is reported to Centered near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, it was approximately 45 miles west of New York City and 50 miles north of Philadelphia.

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Earthquake Epicenter: Lebanon, New Jersey

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has confirmed that the earthquake’s epicenter was situated in Lebanon, New Jersey, roughly 50 miles west of Manhattan. The seismic activity reverberated across a broad expanse of the region, causing buildings to shake in prominent cities such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston

After that, many East Coast airports, like those in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, temporarily stopped air traffic. The New York Police Department said they hadn’t heard of any big damage, but sirens sounded as emergency workers checked everything.

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