Earthquake In New York Interrupts UN Briefing of 4.8 Magnitude

Today, April 5th, during a UN security council meeting about Gaza, diplomats were talking when the room started shaking. Janti Soeripto, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children US, was talking about the tough times for women and children in Gaza when the earthquake happened.

An earthquake in New York briefly disrupted a UN briefing. The incident caused a temporary pause in the proceedings, highlighting the unexpected nature of seismic activity in the area. Despite the interruption, the briefing resumed promptly, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the participants.

An earthquake of 4.8 magnitude on Richter Scale halted the ongoing meeting of the security council on Friday and diplomats rushed to their own safety.

Earthquake in New York Interrupts UN Security Council Meeting: Light Moment Ensues

Even though the meeting was interrupted, Soeripto asked if she could finish speaking, which she did once the shaking stopped. The whole thing was recorded in a video that UN News X shared on social media.

During a UN Security Council meeting discussing the Middle East situation, Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour joked with Soeripto, saying, “You’re making the ground shake,” which made everyone laugh.

UN News shared the incident on social media along with a video captioned, “#BREAKING: ‘You’re making the ground shake!’ UN Security Council hears as mid-morning earthquake interrupts briefing on the situation in the Middle East.”

Source of Earthquake in New York

The US Geological Survey that the magnitude of 4.7, was found near Lebanon, New Jersey, about 45 miles west of New York City and 50 miles north of Philadelphia, as reported by the agency.
The Fire Department of New York said that no damage was reported.
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