Pro-Palestinian Protest At UCLA Turns Violent: Classes Cancelled After Clashes Erupt || Latest Update

Pro-Palestinian Protest At UCLA: Law enforcement responded to restore order following attacks on the encampment. All classes on Wednesday morning have been canceled as a result. Stay informed on the latest developments.

Pro-Palestinian Protest At UCLA

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Pro-Palestinian Protest At UCLA: What is the protest at UCLA about?

The latest protest at UCLA is in continuation of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The protesters say they suffered ‘an act of terror‘ from counter-protesters. Pro-Palestinian protesters who remain camped at UCLA accused a pro-Israeli group of carrying out a “terror” attack and criticized college leaders for not protecting them.

Demanding an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, pro-Palestinian demonstrators at UCLA are calling for the university to divest from any investments in Israeli companies or organizations.

Luke Veltz, a pro-Palestinian demonstrator, emphasized the urgency of ending the prolonged conflict, stating, “With ongoing genocide, coexistence under current governance isn’t feasible. A free Palestine is the sole path to progress.”

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Police on campus at Columbia and UCLA as Pro-Palestinian Protest disrupt college

Violence erupted around 11 p.m. Tuesday when approximately 50 counter-protesters, dressed in dark clothing and masks, attempted to dismantle the barricade.

Unarmed security guards fled as fireworks were launched at the encampment, endangering the tents in Royce Quad.

During the altercation, individuals identified as older outside agitators, not students, used what seemed to be bear spray to attack pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Following the police intervention, the situation appeared to have calmed down significantly.

The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles released a statement condemning the violent attacks on the encampment.

“We strongly condemn the violence at UCLA last night. The reprehensible actions of a small group of counter protestors do not reflect the Jewish community or our principles. We advocate for peaceful, constructive dialogue,” the statement stated.

Earlier on Tuesday, the police department stated that officers would not intervene on the premises unless specifically requested by the college administration or in the event of an imminent emergency. However, law enforcement presence will now extend until May 17, coinciding with the conclusion of the university’s commencement events.

UCLA cancels classes after violence erupts on campus over the war in Gaza

Following disturbances and violence directed towards a pro-Palestinian encampment at UCLA, university officials decided to cancel all classes on Wednesday morning.

In a statement posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), UCLA urged -“Due to the distress caused by the violence that took place on Royce Quad late last night and early this morning, all classes are cancelled today. Please avoid the Royce Quad area”

Nationwide Campus Protests Erupt Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Following a deadly attack on southern Israel by Hamas on Oct. 7, Israel launched a military offensive in Gaza. This has sparked widespread protests on college campuses across the US, including Columbia University.

While the exact casualty figures are disputed, the conflict has resulted in significant loss of life on both sides. The Hamas Health Ministry reports over 34,000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza.

Israel and its supporters have labeled the university protests as antisemitic, while critics argue that Israel leverages these accusations to stifle dissent. While a few protesters have been recorded making antisemitic remarks or threats of violence, organizers, including some Jewish individuals, assert that it’s a peaceful movement advocating for Palestinian rights and opposing the ongoing conflict.


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