NYPD’s #MyNYPD Twitter Campaign Backfires: Draws Flood of Critical Photos

On Tuesday, The New York Police Department, in a bid to socialize and gather good image about its department, asked social media users to post photos of themselves with its officers, using #myNYPD on X (formerly known as Twitter) but this has taken a toll on it as NYPD’s #MyNYPD Twitter Campaign backfires badly.

NYPD's #MyNYPD Twitter Campaign

But it didn’t go well, as users used this as an opportunity to publicly criticize the department about its misconduct and negative behavior.

NYPD’s #MyNYPD Twitter Campaign: What went wrong?

Messages pour in every direction twitting mostly negative things and talking about police misconduct.

“Free Massages from the #NYPD. What does YOUR Police Department offer?” tweeted @OccupyWallStNYC, which posted an image of officers holding a man, seemingly screaming, with his arms behind his back, on top of a car.

Another user @meanstester wrote – “Rest in Power Eric and Erica Garner. Never forget NYPD and their supporters mocked a man’s dying words after they snuffed his life with a chokehold. #mynypd

@MoreAndAgain, tweeted posting a photo of an officer pulling the hair of a person who appears to be under arrest, “The #NYPD will also help you de-tangle your hair”

But despite the huge backslash, a New York police spokeswoman defended the campaign.

“The NYPD is creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community. Twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city,” said Deputy Chief Kim Y. Royster on CNN.

However, some users used this to thanks NYPD and defended it like Twitter user @SnarkyVegan said it best, “Lesson number 1 about hashtags: just because you created one doesn’t mean you own it. #myNYPD”

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