4 Men Arrested With String Of Burglaries in Parma

Four Rochester men are facing charges related to a series of Burglaries in Parma.

Burglaries in Parma

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According to Monroe County sheriff’s deputies, they got 3 reports of such incident of Burglaries in Parma that had occurred between Wednesday night and Thursday Morning , in which a White Pickup truck was being used.

They discovered stolen goods at a residence on Berlin Street in the city. The recovered items included:

  • Two ATVs
  • A dirt bike
  • A .22-caliber rifle
  • Ammunition

The burglaries occurred between the night of May 22 and the following morning. Investigators determined that a white pickup truck was used in all the incidents.

4 Men Arrested With String Of Burglaries in Parma

A U.S. Marshal spotted the truck at the Berlin Street address, leading to the detention and arrest of seven individuals. Among them, four suspects are now facing charges:

  1. Miguel Corchado, 23
  2. Luis Feliciano, 20
  3. Javari Ford, 19
  4. Jeffrey Sapp Jr., 23

The charges against them include burglary, criminal possession of a weapon, grand larceny, and criminal mischief. Miguel Corchado, with a predicate felon status, is being held without bail. The other three suspects are in custody with a $20,000 cash bail.

As the investigation continues, additional charges may be forthcoming. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office remains vigilant in pursuing justice for the victims of these burglaries.

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