Bruno Mars Tour 2024: Experience the Magic at LOS ANGELES Intuit Dome

It’s confirmed that on 15th-16th August 2024, Bruno Mars will be first ever performer to be performing at the Grand venue of Intuit Dome in Los Angeles.

Bruno Mars Tour

Bruno Mars Tour in Los Angeles at Intuit Dome 

Intuit Dome, which will be the home of Los Angeles Clippers in near future, is all set to host Bruno Mars at its inauguration.

Clippers’ president of business operations, Gillian Zucker described this moment in his own words.

“We had a list of criteria that we came up with that we thought, if you can have anybody, what would you want?”

“And at the top of the list was: global icon with a local connection. So that was really important to us. Bruno moved to Inglewood as a teenager, and so he has a connection with the community, which we thought was very important.”

We wanted…a performer who was a snowperson, someone who would really effectively help us bring the building to life.”

About the venue, he shared some details about the uniqueness –

There’s so many unique things about the building — the halo scoreboard, the interactivity with the crowd, our LED lights that are built into the seats, the various different things that just haven’t existed in other buildings before — and we wanted to make sure that we had a performer who would take advantage of all of those things.”

Intuit Dome:

Intuit Dome

There would be other shows that Intuit Dome will be hosting like by Usher (for four nights), Billy Joel (keeping it to a one-nighter) and Twenty One Pilots.

Bruno Mars Tickets Los Angeles

Bruno Mars Concert Tickets will be made available to Public on April 11,2024 at 10AM through Ticketmaster.

Bruno Mars Ticket

Bruno Mars Concert Dates

Bruno Mars will be performing at the grand opening of Intuit Dome on August 15 and August 16, 2024.

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